About Fallout Hosting

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Fallout-Hosting was founded in 2015 by Lev A. throughout 2015 Fallout-Hosting grew and gained popularity. In early 2016 Lev sold the company to Dot-Tech LLC. Upon buying Fallout-Hosting Dot-Tech LLC purchased company hardware to transfer all clients to. Once all the new hardware was received, Dot-Tech LLC relaunched Fallout-Hosting. During mid 2016 Fallout Hosting took a drastic change lowering our prices to an all-time low for the company. Fallout-Hosting began to grow rapidly making us who we are today!

Dallas Texas, United States

Our services are located within the state of the art datacenter Carrier-1. Featuring duel fiber paths into the building, raised floor cooling, redundant central V.A.C systems, Diesel generators and more. Not only is the building redundant, techs are staffed 24/7 in case of emergency and trapped doors are used to access the datacenter floor for added security.

Datacenter: Carrier-1 Carriers: Level 3, XO, Cogent, Telia, Logix, Zayo, NTT


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