Crazy Minecraft Mod Pack

Crazy Minecraft Mod Pack

Crazy Minecraft Image from Voids Wrath

Crazy Minecraft is a mod pack that combines 100+ of minecraft’s craziest mods. Built on minecraft version 1.7.10 this mod pack from Voids Wrath will keep you entertained with various animals, npc’s and unique mobs.

Generated villages in Crazy Minecraft

While exploring the modpack ourselves, we took some screenshots to showcase some of its features. The image above shows one of the randomly generated village with a tree that spawns all the way to the maximum build height.

Custom mobs like Werewolves spawn at night.

Many things happen at night as unique animals and mobs will come out. In the image above we saw a werewolf and a villager fighting each other to the death. The werewolf won the fight though.

Custom animals like foxes, bunnies, and deer

Curious as they are the foxes will come straight up to you in this mod pack. But be careful, if you make any sudden moves and scare the fox, it may attack you.

A prebuilt house spawn in the wilderness

While exploring the world generated by the modpack we came across custom built houses in the wilderness. These houses already had full interiors and a bed. The houses also had a basement leading into the dungeons.

Comet Kittens raining down from the heavens

And to top off our explorations, a random event happened in game. We saw Comet Kittens raining down from the heavens and attacking everything in sight.

However you can’t just take our word for it. You can play this modpack for yourself using our One Click Modpack Installer on our Multicraft Panel.

Just select Crazy Minecraft 1.1.2 in the dropdown menu

You can download the Voids Wrath launcher by clicking the image below.