VPS Hosting Plans

Plans CPU Storage Bandwidth IPv4 Pricing
1GB RAM 1 vCore 20 GB SSD 250 GB @ 100Mbps 1 Free IP $3.00 /month Order Now
2GB RAM 2 vCore 30GB SSD 500 GB @ 100Mbps 1 Free IP $6.00 /month Order Now
3GB RAM 3 vCore 50GB SSD 1 TB @ 100Mbps 1 Free IP $9.00 /month Order Now
4GB RAM 4 vCore 80GB SSD 2 TB @ 100Mbps 1 Free IP $12.00 /month Order Now

Operating Systems

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DDoS Protection

All plans come with our DDoS protection to ensure you have the maximum uptime.

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Quality Hardware

Enjoy worry free performance. We use the industry’s leading hardware to provide you with the best service. Intel Xeon processors and SSDs are a simple expectation.

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Our KVM VPS is perfect for your small application hosting needs. They come with fair use of shared vCores, plenty of RAM, lots of high performance and, redundant disk space.

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Instant Setup

Once you checkout and pay the invoice generated, we will deliver your server within 15 minutes guaranteed, through email!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you ?

A KVM VPS is a type of Virtual Private Server. VPS's act like a dedicated server giving you full root access to different Linux-based operating systems.

Getting a KVM VPS will allow you to run the exact program versions of applications you want in your environment.

A dedicated server and a VPS are similar in functionality. The main difference is, with a VPS, you are renting space on a big machine with other clients, while a dedicated server is 100% dedicated resources. VPS servers are generally cheaper and work for most needs.

Yes, you can upgrade your VPS easily directly from the billing system.
Are you experiencing difficulties? Feel free to open a ticket, and our staff can assist.